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Apple Watch Series 6 - "The future of health is on your wrist"

Released in September 2020, the Apple Watch Series 6 is made exceptional by the new watchOS 7 operating system, which offers the latest built-in features such as a blood oxygen sensor, an ECG app, and an always-on Retina display. The Series 6 watch screen never sleeps, so you can always see the time and the information that matters most to you. The viewing area extends to the rounded corners and is more than 30 percent larger than the Apple Watch Series 3 display. Series 6 has the most advanced health and wellness features on any Apple Watch. You can measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG from your wrist, get alerts for unusually low or high heart rates or irregular rhythms, and measure your current heart rate. Whether you're at the gym, running, swimming, or exercising, Series 6 tracks your workout more accurately and reliably.

Cellular connectivity is available on Cellular versions of Apple Watch Series 6, so you can stay connected even when you leave your phone at home. Calls, messages, and other communications are easy with Apple Watch Series 6 Mobile Connectivity. The Apple Watch Series 6 includes GPS, GPS + Cellular, and Apple Watch Nike Series 6 watches.

Apple Watch Series 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14 or later. Features are subject to change. Some features, apps, and services may not be available in all regions or languages.

What's new in the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch?

Apple Watch Series 6 brings significant new features compared to past models. For example, new features on the smartwatch include: Blood oxygen saturation and ECG New S6 processor A brighter display A continuous on an altimeter Stunning new color options

Need an iPhone to use Apple Watch 6?

Yes. To get the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch to work with all its goodies, you'll need to pair it with an iPhone 6 or later. So the watch will work, but if you don't pair it with your iPhone, you won't get much out of Apple Watch 6.

How do I set up Apple Watch 6?

1. Turn on your Apple Watch 6 smartwatch by holding down the side button. 2. open your iPhone and hold it close to the watch until you see the message 'Set up Apple Watch 6' on your iPhone. 3. Follow the instructions and center the watch face on your iPhone's viewfinder. Wait until the device pair is established. 4. If the Apple Watch Series 6 is your first Apple Watch, tap 'Set up as a new Apple Watch'. Otherwise, restore from the backup. Also, remember to update your watch with the latest watchOS update if requested. 5. Sign in with your Apple ID when prompted. If you are not prompted, you can sign in later from the Apple Watch app. 6. Select and adjust your settings. 7. Create a passcode for Apple Watch 6 or skip this step. 8. Select features and apps. 9. Wait for your devices to sync and you're done!