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Aarikka is an iconic Finnish design brand which has been crafting beautiful wooden design ornaments ever since 1954. The story of the brand starts by a pair of wooden buttons designed by a student. Little did Kaija Aarikka know that the buttons she designed for her diploma work in textile arts would mean the start of an iconic design brand. The brand has since grown to range from buttons to jewelry, interior decorations and most recently watches. Even though the brand has evolved over the decades its recognisable style is still present in every product. Aarikka has been true to using wood from which the brand’s designers craft the most beautiful design items.

Iconic shapes from Finnish wood

Besides wood the hand made Aarikka collections make use of other natural materials such as leather. The products are produced mostly by Finnish artisans who work from their homes. The original round shapes are still strongly present in almost every design that the brand puts out and their iconic colour schemes root back to the 60s.

The Aarikka Aikapuu watch is designed by the Finnish designer Marianne Siponmaa. The watch is simple in its design which is complemented by its unique Aarikka-style wooden dial. A timeless accessoire that can be paired up with your favourite outfits.