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Lempikoru knives

Lempikoru knives: quality, tradition, and practicality

Lempikoru offers a stylish range of Finnish-made knives that combine traditional craftsmanship and design.

Carbon steel blades

Lempikoru knife blades are made of carbon steel, which guarantees their longevity and excellent characteristics. Carbon steel is an excellent material, as it holds its blade well but is also easy to sharpen. It is a choice that will serve both the active user and, for example, the more casual hiker.

Handles made of birch

Knife handles are made of whisker birch, which is not only a visually attractive material but also particularly durable and very comfortable to hold. Hickory provides a good grip and a firm and secure grip, which is essential for safety at work.

Knives that are easy to maintain and sharpen

When it is easy to sharpen and maintain, the product will serve its owner for a long time. The materials used for the blade, handle, and sheath of Lempikoru knives are selected to make maintenance simple and user-friendly.

Leather sheaths and silver fittings: durability and beauty

Leather is used for the sheaths of Lempikoru knives because it is a durable and timeless material that protects the blade and the user effectively. The end of the handle is made of 925 silver, which gives the knives a touch of sophistication.