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  1. Zippo 1935.25 Replica
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    Zippo 1935.25 Replica
  2. Zippo 1652 Slim Venetian
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    Zippo 1652 Slim Venetian
  3. Zippo 218ZL Zippo Logo
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    Zippo 218ZL Zippo Logo

68 Items

Premium-quality lighters from Zippo

Zippo lighters are designed to last. These premium lighters are made from durable materials and granted a lifetime warranty for material and manufacturing errors. Zippo lighters have been manufactured for years and are known as one of the best quality lighter alternatives. These lighters have been made for use and are not bothered by a bit of wind. The selection offers a wide range of Zippo lighters to choose from. Whether you are looking for something classy and minimal or something fun and colourful. This brand has something for you!

The history of Zippo

Zippo has been around for a long time! This company was originally founded in 1930 when founder George Blaisdell got motivated to design a better alternative after seeing his friend struggle with an Austrian lighter. Even though the lighter itself worked alright, it required his friend to use both hands to get it switched on. Blaisdell decided to design something more practical, durable and better-looking. And that’s how Zippo was born.

During the second world war Zippo had its focus on equipping the US army with their innovative product. Zippo was highly popular in its home country the USA but during the 1970s it was time to grow the business internationally. Today Zippo’s wide product range is in constant growth including a beautiful variety of lighters.

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