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Items 1-90 of 1861


Items 1-90 of 1861

Italian fashion from Nomination

The history of the jewelry brand Nomination began in the heart of the fashion world, Florence, Italy, in the 1980s. The founder of Nomination, Paolo Gensini, was an experienced goldsmith. He wanted to create a jewel that everyone could create that was inexpensive, and to which you could easily add or change new pieces. Nomination is a perfect example of the meeting of skill and idea. Nomination jewels are designed to be used by men and women no matter their age.

Bring out your personality with Nomination jewelry

The super famous Italian Nomination jewels allow their wearer to express their personality, values, thoughts, secrets and emotions fashionably. Nomination Composable series is easily created from isolated pieces that are attached with a spring mechanism. Thus, modifying the bracelet is really simple. The pieces are made of high class surgical steel and there are thousands of them available. The pieces have different symbols and they use 18 carat gold. The collection is continuously growing as new pieces come on sale. You can find the whole collection from Nomination’s own website.

Nomination has also more traditional jewels. The popular Nomination Angel jewels are gorgeously elegant creation where angel wings play the main role. The Angel series includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Whether you’re looking for a more petite jewel, the Nomination Bella collection’s jewel might be suited for you. The sparkling Bella jewels give that final touch perfectly for your dressing. The Montecarlo collection targeted for men represents a more masculine and sturdier style. The necklaces and bracelets decorated with zirconias are classically elegant jewels that will your dressing a nice touch of freshness. Familiarize yourself with our wide Nomination jewelry collection and order yourself the highly fashionable Nomination jewels with fast delivery.

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